"Lean Forward Toward Success"

Many lives have been changed by the “Simple Tools” that we provide. James quotes; “with simple tools all the power that is required is within you”. The greatest homes and the greatest lives were built with simple tools.

What People Are Saying

People have said that James’s work has brought peace and understanding almost immediately, and that burdens they had carried for years were lifted in a matter of minutes. James is not your ordinary, everyday life-coach. 


“Anyone who has the chance to sit with this man, to learn from him, should grab it. He has a gift.”

"The teachings are simple, basic, and true".

"I was able to find peace through understanding."

"Wouldn't the world be something if people just created more "leaning moments."

"The world needs this so much. I see it working in my own life."

"The message James and The Leaning Institute bring will surely change people...hearts and mind."

"This could be the most revolutionary work of our time."

"You saved my life."


I now feel an extreme calm in my life. A feeling of peace, that no one can take away….a feeling that can only get stronger from now on.  I am happy with myself, my life, and all things in it. I really look forward to coming back again for another session. Just a few hours have changed my life…and I am so thankful…


If you are feeling lost, beaten down, at a real low point in life, and don’t feel like its ever going to get any different, like this is all there is…then you need to schedule a meeting. Just to listen. James can help. He can refocus you; help you figure out what direction you should be going. He can lift you up, from being beaten down and put you on the right track, for you, whatever that may be. And I know that may sound silly, and you may not believe it, but I can say that’s what will happen, because it did happen, to me.


James Sarvis has played the most inspirational role of any human being in my life. He sat me down one day when I was tired, aggravated and had no idea what to do next, and he took out a plain piece of paper and a pen. 
He started to draw and tell me a story, about this thing he called ‘leaning’- and my life has never been the same. I took his simple tool for living life and have never stopped leaning since. The things I have accomplished are amazing. Anyone who has the chance to sit with this man, to learn from him, should grab it. He has a gift.



I would first like to say a great big THANK YOU for including me in yesterdays workshop. I really enjoyed it. I am SO excited about it for myself and for all the others yet to experience it. As soon as I left, I could feel a change in myself, knowing that my approach with people was going to be different. I immediately called my husband and told him about some things i had come to understand and the impact those things can have on people. I feel so different and excited, knowing  that I now KNOW how to make a difference in my relationships for the better, which will in turn make me a happier and better person…A sincere thank you.


After i finished talking to James, after only spending what, an hour with the man, I told him: YOU are going to be my mentor.
And once you decide you want to keep him? Then almost as fast, you want to share him, too; you just know other people who need him, too.
James taps into people’s inherent sense of who they are inside, who they are meant to be, of what they should be doing, and maybe forgot? And he puts it back in front of them.When you get done listening to him, even after just a little while, something will change in you. You will be suddenly motivated to just get up and go be whatever it is that you’re supposed to be in this life.



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