The Leaning Institute

Life Coaching. Leaning Toward Your Goals.


Founder, James Sarvis, provides group and one-on-one coaching sessions. He has traveled all over the country bringing peace to people, including an Amish community, that he now calls family.


James Sarvis, the Founder of The Leaning Institute, is an Inspirational Speaker. He speaks at conferences, and facilitates workshops on the Power of Leaning, and has a true gift for changing lives.


James Sarvis is a talented writer, and has written several songs, poems, short stories, plays, and books. The words seem to pour out of him onto paper, almost as easily as they do when he speaks.

About the Founder of The Leaning Institute,
James Sarvis


James Sarvis, Esq. founder of The Leaning Institute, is an intuitive life-coach, philosopher, and inspirational speaker who is full of energy!

A graduate of Coastal Carolina University and the University of South Carolina School of Law, James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History and a Juris Doctorate of Laws. He established and managed a successful law practice in South Carolina, achieving his goal of early retirement in order to make The Leaning Institute a reality, and to share the “Leaning” philosophy and its strategies with others. Ever since he was a young boy he has had an insatiable curiosity about what made people the way they are. As a practicing attorney, he developed a broader insight into human behavior. Through this, James has discovered natural laws that he has seen proven to affect everybody, from all walks of life, Including his own. He developed his “Leaning Philosophy”, and has been able to bring balance and success to people across the country in both their professional and personal lives. Learn more about this in the “Leaning” page.

James resides in the beautiful mountains of Franklin, NC with his family. When James isn’t working on his books, or writing songs and poetry, he enjoys sauntering through the woods, reading a good book, and many outdoor activities  with his family.

    About the Executive Director and Partner of The Leaning Institute, Elisha Sarvis


    It’s no surprise that Elisha finds herself in this current position. After-all, she is the great-granddaughter of P.C Merrell, the man that Zig Ziglar, a great american author, and motivational Speaker, gives credit to for mentoring him and changing his life. Elisha draws strength not only from P.C but also from her grandfather, Captain Chandler Merrell, and her father, late Don Merrell, who was an accomplished glass artist. Like P.C, Elisha sees people, not as they are, but as they can be; and, as Captain Merrell did, Elisha sees herself commanding a ship, that will only get bigger; and just as the spirit guided Don’s hands, the spirit guides Elisha’s.

    Elisha spent most of her adult life studying spiritual texts and learning much about what’s beyond the human ego, so, when Elisha and James came together it felt like they had found the missing piece to a puzzle that they both had been searching for. Now they are ready to hit the ground running with the work that will help people all over the world. Elisha knows it well and has used it in her own life, and is excited and ready to help others find balance and peace, just as she did. Elisha’s favorite thing to say is “be the Leaner that you wish to see in the world.”

    Elisha has a lust for learning through life experiences, and she home-schools their three children this way. They are always up for an adventure and believe that life is the greatest adventure!

    Elisha enjoys writing and reading when she isn’t busy working or playing.

      “Leaning Moments” are the DNA of Love.



      ” As soon as I left, I could feel a change in myself, knowing my approach with people would be different. I immediately called my husband and told him about some of the things I had come to understand and the impact those things can have on people. “

      ” If you are ready for a positive change in your life, you need to go to a session on Leaning and get inspired. You wont regret it.”

      ” The two biggest things that stuck with me are one, you can change the world by changing yourself. And two, forget the past, worry about NOW, and where you want to go.”


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